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Please read our Relationship and Health Education Policy here.

Here is our letter to parents about the RSE consultation. 

Here is our FAQ video below:


Parent Consultation Response - Now closed

Thank you to all parents for reading about the new RHE curriculum and responding to the parent consultation form.

The following questions were raised. Responses to each question have been given.

  • Do you teach about gender transitioning at primary level? 

The primary curriculum does not include lessons on gender transitioning. 

  • Do you discuss / teach about people choosing to have sex not only because they want to have a baby and the reasons and healthy contexts in which they might do this?

At primary level, pupils learn basic facts about conception and pregnancy. This is compulsory learning as part of the Science Curriculum. To support this, they also learn about the decisions made by adult couple before having children and may include a discussion about why adult couples choose to have sex. This is not compulsory. 

  • Do you teach / discuss the dangers of sharing sexual images online/via social media? 

As part of our online safety lessons, pupils throughout the school learn about how to keep information private and safe. Pupils also learn that information shared online can be there forever. This can be words or images. Children are taught from an early age to ensure they are always dressed when on camera using age-appropriate resources such as Information around why you should not share nude images is not explicitly focused on. 

You can find more information about this in our online safety policy

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.