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Year 4  

Rights Respecting Articles in Child Friendly Language

If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.  

- Barack Obama

In Year 4 we draw upon children’s curiosity and existing knowledge as a starting point for our curriculum. Throughout the year we revisit and consolidate knowledge and skills in a meaningful way so that the children can begin to build an appreciation of how facts connect. This ensures what the children have learnt is embedded into their long term memory.

Meet the team


Miss Gosai - Year Lead

Mr Bromley - Class Teacher

Mr Harrison - Class Teacher 

Support staff - Miss Ed, Mr Mitchell, Miss Ahmed, Miss Fatima and Miss Saunders

What we do and when

Autumn 1 learning overview

Autumn 2 learning overview

Spring 1 learning overview

Spring 2 learning overview

Summer 1 learning overview

Summer 2 learning overview

Our learning

As scientists, we explored living things and their habitats. To deepen our understanding of why different species are endangered, we went to London Zoo to explore their efforts towards conserving a range of species.

As geographers, whilst developing our knowledge of global and local sustainability, we explored the work and skills of climate change activists.

As designers, we practised and developed our sewing skills. We learnt the importance of a prototype when designing a product and we created pencil cases that matched our design brief using the skills we had learnt.

Previous Learning

As mathematicians this term we have been learning about fractions. We used equivalence cubes to find equivalent fractions.

As scientists this term, our topic is Animals including humans. We examined animal skulls and predicted what the animal’s diet might be.

As artists we have been practising printing. We have been drawing inspiration from African patterns and prints with a focus on line and shape.

How can you help at home?  

Times tables are done in school every week. Please work with your child on timetables rock stars and go over any times tables they are unsure of. Additionally, please read with your child 5 times a week; this can be done using a book from the school library or home. Please record any reading at home in your child’s reading record.

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