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Year 4  

Rights Welcome to Year 4 

Rights Respecting Articles in Child Friendly Language

If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.  

- Barack Obama

In Year 4 we draw upon children’s curiosity and existing knowledge as a starting point for our curriculum. Throughout the year we revisit and consolidate knowledge and skills in a meaningful way so that the children can begin to build an appreciation of how facts connect. This ensures what the children have learnt is embedded into their long term memory.

Meet the team

 Miss Gosai - Year Lead

Mr Bromley - Class Teacher

Mr Harrison - Class Teacher 

Support staff - Miss Patel, Mr James, Ms Gosia and Miss Kasia

What we do and when

Autumn 1 learning overview

Autumn 2 learning overview

Spring 1 learning overview

Spring 2 learning overview

Summer 1 learning overview

Summer 2 learning overview

Our learning


In Year 4 this term, we have been inspired by different texts including, 'Window,' by Jeannie Baker and 'Roman Myths'.  In our English, we had a workshop with Banjii Alexander where we started to create our own mythical creatures using descriptive vocabulary. We spotted the similarities between the mythical creatures in both Roman and Greek myths and created our own!

In science this term, we have been exploring states of matter. We have been able to classify different materials as either a solid, liquid or gas, we have identified the visocity of different liquids and explored changes of states of matter in the process of freezing and melting.

In art this term, we have been learning all about the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh. We learnt the story behind his famous painting, ‘Sunflowers’. We have been inspired by different techniques that he used including impasto. We sketched and painted from still life and used the impasto technique to complete our final pieces.


Last term in Year 4, we read a range of texts and used them to inspire our writing. We also were invited to visit the Polka Theatre for their production of ‘Zoe’s Peculiar Journey Through Time’ which had a huge focus on the environment, sustainability and saving the planet. We then wrote adverts for the Polka Theatre to promote their show and we sent them to the School’s Relationship Officer who responded with great feedback!

In Year 4 computing, we explored audio production. We applied our skills to record stories for Nursery, Reception and Year 1. Our lesson focus was on trimming and re-recording. Listen to our storytelling by clicking the image below.

Our DT cooking project was linked to our English text - Azzi in Between.  We worked alongside our school chef Carla to create some healthy, spicy beans.

During autumn term, Year 4 started their journey as musicians. At the end of the term, their hard work paid off when they had the opportunity to perform a whole year concert and showcase their learning.


To start the year, Year 4 visited Go Ape as part of our well- being unit. Through the exciting activities, the children developed teamwork, resilience, and confidence. This experience strengthened bonds, promoted personal growth, and fostered important life skills in a natural and engaging setting.

During art we explored self–expression and developed our sketching skills by creating self-portraits. This activity encouraged creativity and self-reflection.

In science, we started our unit on electricity. We began our unit by reminding ourselves how to stay safe around electricity. We explored possible hazards and threats and discussed how to prevent these.

Last year...

In history, we have explored the Kingdom of Benin. We have learnt about artefacts, settlements and the importance of the great walls of Benin. We even created our own clay models to develop our understanding of each part of the walls and what they were used for.

We also explored the text ‘Idia of the Benin Kingdom’ in reading to support our learning.

In art, we also took part in the Wandsworth Art project where we were inspired by the ocean and were supporting sustainability. The Wandsworth Art Project gave us the opportunity to be inspired, create and display our work. We visited the exhibition and got to learn about how we are helping the environment and what else we can do! It was great to see our own work on display for the public to view and we hope our planet positivity messages make a difference!

Click here to watch a video of our exhibition:


As writers, Year 4 have been reading The Iron man by Ted Hughes. After reading the text, clarifying the vocabulary and answering a range of questions about the text, we decided to write to the publisher. We wrote to the publishing house Faber and Faber with our questions and concerns about the story.

As musicians, we performed our second progress concert to our friends and family. This time, we combined our musical skills and instruments to perform as a whole orchestra across the year group. We also added other musical talents such as performances from solo musicians and the year 4 choir. We will now continue our musical journey until the final musical concert at the end of our summer term.

As designers this term we created toy monsters using simple mechanisms and pneumatic energy. We identified the uses of simple mechanisms and pneumatic systems and then built our own. We then designed, developed and made our toy in small groups. At the end of our topic, we evaluated our product and gave group feedback against our design criteria.

As scientists, we learnt about animals including humans. We started by identifying the different types of teeth and their uses in both humans and animals. We used our knowledge and understanding to create informative posters to encourage children in Nursery and Reception to look after their teeth. As a class we carried out an investigation predicting what would happen to egg shells that had been left in water, coca-cola or orange juice. We then studied the human digestive system and even created our own working version of the digestive system.

As writers, we have read a range of texts and used them to inspire our writing. We read the story of Azzi In Between and were inspired to help children who may be coming from different countries to our school. We wrote them letters to help them when they begin their journey at Penwortham.  These letters will be added to the welcome packs that new children received when joining our school.


As chefs in design and technology we created a healthy, tasty spicy bean recipe inspired by our English text Azzi in-between. We used a range of skills and fresh ingredients to prepare our dish. As a group, we evaluated our final dish against our design brief and criteria.

During autumn term, Year 4 started their journey as musicians. At the end of the term, their hard work paid off when they had the opportunity to perform a whole year concert and showcase their learning.

As geographers, we went to the Natural History Museum to explore their earthquakes and volcanoes exhibition. We even had a chance to take part in a workshop where we extended our learning as scientists and geologists. After the trip, we wrote a recount of our day. 


As artists, we have been inspired by the pottery of Ancient Greece. We explored colour, pattern and shape to come up with our own Ancient Greek pottery design. We then made our pots from papier-mâché and decorate them with traditional patterns and designs.

As musicians, each class is working together to learn how to play a range of different instruments with our guest music tutor from Wandsworth Music. This is where the Penwortham Woodwind Band begins so keep an eye out for future concerts!

As scientists this term we looked at electricity. We learnt how to make a simple circuit and the role of a switch. We worked hard each week to gain our primary electrician’s award! 

As historians, we explored and discussed the impact and influence Ancient Greece has had on us. We debated which impact/influence we thought was stronger and why.


How can you help at home?  

Times tables are done in school every week. Please work with your child on timetables rock stars and go over any times tables they are unsure of. Additionally, please read with your child 5 times a week; this can be done using a book from the school library or home. Please record any reading at home in your child’s reading record.

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